Version 2.4.0

Stability, performance, VR, and bugfixes

Published 2023-11-06

There are 4 goals with version 2.4:

There are also some other minor features.

VR: I'm aiming for full functionality of DRT in VR, with no crashes. DRT v1 worked in VR, but since DRT v2 has been completely rewritten, I lost some of the functionality and stability in VR. I think I have VR support completely sorted out in this version.

Ignore prefixes: DRT has the ability to ignore (avoid reading) datarefs listed in a file called drt_ignore.txt. I've made a slight adjustment: now, you can put the first part of a dataref name in the file (a prefix), and all datarefs starting with that prefix will be ignored. For example, if you put sim/flightmodel in the file, it will ignore all datarefs starting with that prefix (like sim/flightmodel/controls/elv_trim, sim/flightmodel/forces/wake_turbulence_effect, and many others).

This new functionality in the ignore list should make it much easier to prevent all datarefs in a single plugin or system from being read; this is often an easy mitigation for conflicts with other plugins.

Performance: Thanks to some internal restructuring, I've decreased the overhead of running DRT somewhat. You'll probably only see a change if your rendering is CPU-limited.

Other minor stuff: DRT itself now has more datarefs and commands to control functionality. Also, a ton of the UI layout code has been reworked to support other upcoming projects.

Looking forward: DRT will be in bugfix-only mode for a while; my time will go to PlaneCommand v4 and a ✨new secret project✨ until they are released.